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Recommended UseFor direct screening of cell cultures and biologicals. For EP 2.6.7/JP compliant release testing; Applicable in research and industryApplicable in research for direct testing of cell cultures and cell culture derived biologicals.
Kit ComponentsPrimer sets, nucleotides and polymerase / Rehydration buffer / separate Internal amplification control / Positive control DNA / PCR grade waterPrimer sets, nucleotides, internal amplification control and polymerase / Rehydration buffer / Positive control DNA / PCR grade water
Sample Volume per PCR10 μl for EP/JP compliant testing / or 2 μl for screening2 μl
EP/JP ComplianceYes, after appropriate sample matrix and process validationNo
ValidationValidation report available on requestNo

Proficiency Testing Program

Venor®GeM Product Line (regulated testing)