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Meat ID™ Screen is a qPCR-based screening system for simultaneous detection of the most common animal species (Goat, Sheep, Pork, Beef, Donkey, Fish, Chicken, Turkey and Camel) in meat and other foods.
The identification of meat types, especially in minced meat products, represents a serious issue from the point of view of food safety. In fact, authentication of forbidden or not declared ingredients such as pork or substandard meat is essential to ensure confidence in the supply chain and regulatory compliance.
Target sequences of this assay are the species-specific mitochondrial genes, cytochrome b. Conserved for each species and widely used for food products authentication, this gene is available in multiple copies per cell, enabling successful detection of minute amounts of target DNA!
In just one single run, Meat ID™ Screen can lead to the identification of 10 relevant species in various matrices including raw, or even highly processed and cooked meat products, where DNA may be significantly degraded. It is possible to identify such animal species down to a threshold level of 0.5 % with semi-quantitative results.

Type of PCR

TaqMan® Assay based on FAM™ and HEX™ labeled probes.

Recommended Use

Meat ID™ Screen can be used in research and industry for identification of animal species (Goat, Sheep, Pork, Beef, Donkey, Fish, Chicken, Turkey, Camel, Zebra) in meat products and other foods by qPCR. For research use only! Do not use for clinical diagnostic or testing of patient samples.
As input material, we recommend using DNA extracted from food samples using DNA extraction kits e.g. ExtractNow™ Meat ID Kit (Cat. No. 608-1050) or user method.

Kit Components

Pre-dispensed and lyophilized Primer sets / Nucleotides / Polymerase and Internal Control DNA, in 0.2 ml tubes for DNA amplification from 10 animal species
Rehydration Buffer
Sample Quality Control

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 12-01-005 5 Reactions
  • Cat. No. 12-01-020 20 Reactions
  • Cat. No. 12-01-040 40 Reactions
Result Evaluation

cycler based, real-time PCR

Required Consumables

Pipette tips, 1.5 ml reaction tubes

Required Lab Devices

qPCR cycler with FAM™ and HEX™ filter sets
Benchtop centrifuge

Shelf Life and Storage

Components can be stored at +2 to +8 °C for at least 12 months. After rehydration reagents must be stored at ≤ -18 °C.

Fig. 1: Sensitivity of the Meat ID™ Screen, parameter Horse.

Fig. 2: Detection of 1% w/w horse meat in respective meat background

Additional information

package sizes

5 tests, 20 tests, 40 tests