Mycoplasma & Bacteria Contamination Control

Explore our established products for mycoplasma and bacteria contaminations: PCR test kits, preventive reagents (incubators, culture media) and treatments.

Mycoplasma Detection Kits
Bacteria Detection Kits
Cell Culture Contamination Prevention
Mycoplasma Elimination
Proficiency Testing

DNA/RNA Extraction

Discover our diversified offer of DNA and RNA extraction kits for standard applications, contamination control and food testing.

DNA/RNA Extraction Kits
Food Extraction Kits
Water Extraction Kits

PCR Reagents & Enzymes

PCR enzymes, reagents and easy-to-use kits for detection of nucleic acids and microbial contaminations and to verify the performance of PCR equipment.

DNA Standards
PCR Thermal Cycler Validation
Lab Monitoring

Virus Detection

Discover our products for the detection of CoV und SARS-CoV-2

Food Authenticity & Contamination Testing

Browse our broad offer of PCR kits for foodborne contaminants, meat authenticity tests, halal conformity, vegan food screening and food extraction kits.

Food Contamination Testing
Meat Speciation and Halal Testing
Vegan Testing

Water Contamination Testing

AquaScreen® FastExtract and qPCR Detection kits allow reliable DNA extraction and quantitative detection of Legionella spp., P. aeruginosa and E. coli in water samples.

Water Extraction Kits
Legionella species
Legionella pneumophila
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Escherichia coli

DNA Decontamination Reagents

Find the right product and formulation for DNA and RNA decontamination of your lab rooms, work areas, equipment, and various surfaces including floors.

PCR Clean™ Wipes

PCR Clean™

Contract Manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing services include product design, filling, freeze-drying and packaging, quality control, storage and logistics. We will reliably handle small to large batch sizes according to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our contract manufacturing capabilities and to discuss your product ideas or requirements.