ExtractNow™ Plasmid Mini Kit

Kits for purifying nucleic acids from a variety of samples. Find the optimized kit for your research needs.


Type of Sample

• Bacterial suspensions
• Isolation of high-copy plasmids: 0.5 – 5 ml
• Isolation of low-copy plasmid DNA, P1 constructions, etc.: > 5 – 10 ml

Separation principle

Spin Filter columns


Easy and quick plasmid isolation from bacterial lysis.

Recommended Use

The ExtractNow™ Plasmid Mini Kit is for research use only. Not recommended for clinical applications.

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 605-1010 10 extractions
    Cat. No. 605-1050 50 extractions
Shelf Life and Storage

Components are maintainable at room temperature for at least 6 months.


• Time of Extraction: approx. 16 minutes
• Binding capacity: column binding capacity: approx. 40 µg pDNA
• Average yield: typical yield from 2 ml starting material (highcopy plasmid): 6 – 20 µg
• Average purity: 1.8 – 2.0