ExtractNow™ DNA Mini Kit

Kits for purifying nucleic acids from a variety of samples. Find the optimized kit for your research needs.


Type of Sample

• Tissue samples of up to 50 mg
• Rodent tail specimens 0.5 – 1 cm in length
• Paraffin samples (tissue)
• Eucaryotic cells (max. 5 × 106)
• Buccal swabs

Separation principle

Spin filter columns


Universally applicable DNA extraction method for a
broad range of starting materials.
Using a cutting-edge chemistry, the duration of the
DNA purification is reduced to a minimum.

Recommended Use

The ExtractNow™ DNA Mini kit is for research use only.
Not recommended for clinical applications

Package Sizes

Cat. No. 601-1010 10 extractions
Cat. No. 601-1050 50 extractions

Shelf Life and Storage

• Components are maintainable at room temperature
for at least 6 months.
• Store the lyophilized Proteinase K at 2-8°C


• Time for extraction: Approx. 8 minutes after lysis
• Binding capacity: > 100 μg gDNA
• Average yield: Up to 65 μg (depends on the type and quantity of the sample material)
• Average purity: 1.7 – 2.0