Venor®GeM Classic

Venor®GeM Classic allows fast, reliable and time-saving routine monitoring of mycoplasma contamination by PCR.

Type of PCR

For conventional, endpoint PCR

Recommended Use / Scope

Applicable in research and industry for direct testing of cell cultures and biologicals. Intended for research use only. Not recommended for clinical diagnostics.

Kit Components

Lyophilized primer sets and nucleotides

10x reaction buffer optimized for MB Taq DNA Polymerase

Lyophilized positive control DNA

Lyophilized internal amplification control

Package Sizes

Primer sets and nucleotides are prepared in aliquots of 25 tests.

  • Cat. No. 11-1025 25 Tests

  • Cat. No. 11-1050 50 Tests

  • Cat. No. 11-1100 100 Tests
Cat. No. 11-1250 250 Tests

Result evaluation

Gel electrophoresis at endpoint of PCR

Required Consumables

Polymerase. We highly recommend our reliable hot-start MB Taq DNA Polymerase, Cat.-No. 53-0050/100/200/250.
PCR reaction tubes

Optional for process validation and EP 2.6.7 compliant testing:
Internal Control DNA extra (4 vials for 300 µl each of internal amplification control; Cat. No. 11-1905)
10CFU™ Sensitivity Standards available for all EP listed mycoplasma species

Required lab devices

Regular PCR cycler

Agarose gel electrophoresis and DNA staining system

Pipetting equipment

Tube centrifuge

Shelf Life and Storage

Components are maintainable at +2 to +8 °C for at least 6 months. After rehydratisation the reagents must be stored at -18 °C.

EP 2.6.7 compliance

Use of Venor®GeM Classic for QA testing of biologicals like master and working cell banks, autologous cells, culture media, bulk harvest and final product testing according to EP 2.6.7 is applicable after appropriate sample preparation and process validation.

Fig. Amplified PCR products are visualized by standard gel electrophoresis.